2 Slices – “Figure 8” (Video)

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    2 Slices – “Figure 8” (Video)
    Published: August 15, 2023

    2 Slices dropped a new single and music video on Friday in advance of their Saturday night rager at The Royal American. “Figure 8” presents a slight shift in sound for 2 Slices, bringing in a more prominent element of rock to the mix in comparison to their previous releases.

    Now two albums deep, and always filled with longtime core members of the Charleston music scene (Danny Martin, Brett Nash, DJ Lazercat, Justice Ian WolfeJones), we’re seeing a mature 2 Slices, a long way from the “Slow Poison” video circa 2017.

    They’ve always been a great time, making electronic 80s-influenced pop hits and club-friendly bangers, and “Figure 8” maintains that, with the benefit of a wider palette of influences finding their way to the surface.

    The video for “Figure 8” was created by another familiar name, Corey Campbell from Babe Club. It depicts the band performing the song in various settings in the Charleston area, including a field, a park, the woods, an abandoned building & more. The glitchy editing in the video compliments the distortion in the song nicely.

    Watch the video for “Figure 8” by 2 Slices, and if you’re in town the next time they’re on a lineup, it would benefit you greatly to attend.

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