New Music Submission Guidelines

The New Music Forum in the Extra Chill Community is a place where artists are invited to submit music for consideration on our editorial playlists. Our team checks the board for the best submissions each time we update our playlist. You are welcome to post your new music here any way you want, but here are some tips for how to get the best impact.

Introduce Yourself

If you just come in here and drop a link, nobody has any reason to click it and listen. Your best bet for getting Community engagement is if you include a little bit about your project and/or yourself when you post. This way, when people come across your music, they will have an idea of what to expect before they press play!

Engage with the Community

After posting your music, we recommend you stick around and engage with other parts of our Community. The followers and upvote system here was designed to enable Community members to gain their own following right here. Since this is a place where music fans hang out, building a network here can be beneficial to your career. In addition to being fun, of course.

Get Your Friends to Sign Up

Tell your friends to come into the Community and engage with your content as well. This can help you gain more exposure, and it will also help the Community grow, which is good for everybody.