Chris Huber

Music Fan


My name is Chris Huber and I'm the editor of Extra Chill and the person who built this website. My music taste can be defined as eclectic, but also sometimes repetitive because I often play the same playlists over and over again in the background while I work, without even noticing.

Favorite Artists

Grateful Dead, Wilco, My Morning Jacket, Phish, Jason Isbell

Local Scene


Charleston, SC

Top Local Venues

Charleston Pour House, The Royal American, Music Farm, Charleston Music Hall, Lofi Brewing

Top Local Artists

SUSTO, She Returns From War, Wolf Mask, Babe Club, Runaway Gin, Little Bird, Rhodium

Earliest Musical Memories

I found a box of my dad's CDs in the basement and just put one into the boombox. It was Dookie by Green Day.